A brief history of alaska

The 18th and 19th centuries Starting in the 18th century, the Russian Empire established a claim over the territory of Alaska. The New York Journal-American put the situation dramatically: House of Representatives in Eventually the Senate put together a combination statehood bill, which provided for the admission first of Hawaii and then of Alaska.

The citizens of Alaska sent Christmas cards to friends in the contiguous U. The Second Organic Act, passed by the U.

Most famous among government efforts in Alaska during the Depression is the Matanuska Valley colonization scheme. Fish and Wildlife Serviceat leastsea birds, 2, otters, and other marine animals died because of the spill.

Tourism became increasingly important in Alaska, and today over 1. North to the Future[ edit ] "North to the Future" is the official state motto of Alaska, adopted in for the centennial of the Alaska Purchase. The Northwest Ordinance of had provided the framework for the territorial system and had, for over a century, served well the purposes of expansion.

Per capita incomes rose throughout the state, with virtually every community benefiting. A census in about showed a total Russian population of scattered among nine settlements from Sitka to Kodiak. Seward, State Department, Washington, D.

History of Alaska

Alaska wants statehood with the fervor men and women give to a transcendent cause. Throughout the Prince William Sound region, towns and ports were destroyed and land was uplifted or shoved downward.

The Alaska Statehood Committee was formed in to intensify efforts toward statehood, calling on national and labor organizations, newspaper editors, and state governors to support and publicize Alaska's situation.

Wickersham argued that Alaska's resources should be used for the good of the entire country rather than exploited a select group of large, absentee-controlled interests--home rule, he claimed, would assure more just utilization of the territory's natural wealth.

Between andthe work force decreased by more than half, and wages dropped. A colonial economy developed in which much of the territory's natural wealth minerals, furs, salmon, timber was extracted from the region and used elsewhere for the profit of absentee business interests.

A third theme, which may be surprising to some readers, is Alaska's centrality in numerous national political disputes. Gold production fell dramatically. The eventual response to these policies is a stirring chapter in the history of concerted democratic effort: Around 1, colonists were selected from some 15, applicants, largely from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota--on the assumption that the similar climate of these areas to Alaska would best suit settlers for life in the North.

Egan, Gruening, and Rivers were received with much fanfare, but were not officially seated or recognized by Congress. The boom ended when the pipeline was completed but prosperity returned in the s.

But we are shocked to come down here and find that a bill which concerns the rights of American citizens is bottled up in a committee when you have the power to bring it out on the House floor. The following brief history of Alaska statehood considers the region in the political and imaginative contexts of (contiguous) United States history and emphasizes certain themes revealed in this effort.

First, throughout the lateth and early 20th century, Alaska serves as an advertisement for American colonialism.

The history of Alaska dates back to the Upper Paleolithic period (around 14, BC), when wanderer groups crossed the Bering land bridge into what is now western Alaska. At the time of European contact by the Russian explorers, the area was populated by Alaska Native groups. A BRIEF HISTORY OF ALASKA.

By Tim Lambert. EARLY ALASKA.

Brief history of Juneau, Alaska

The first human beings arrived in Alaska between 15, and 13, BC. At that time Alaska was part of a land bridge that extended across to Siberia.

A Brief History of Alaska. Alaska, the 49th State, has a rich history behind it. From the Paleolithic period to the present, Alaska's natural beauty, and its rich resources have been the land's bane and boon to its natives.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF ALASKA. By Tim Lambert. EARLY ALASKA. The first human beings arrived in Alaska between 15, and 13, BC. At that time Alaska was part of a land bridge that extended across to Siberia. People followed the herds of animal they hunted. Europeans arrived in.

A Brief History of Alaska George Pararas-Carayannis (This brief summary of the history of Alaska was prepared in connection with the compilation of a Catalog of Tsunamis in Alaska initially published by the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics of the University of Hawaii, then as a report of the World Data Center A- .

A brief history of alaska
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A Brief History of Alaska